Top 12 Free or Low Cost Winter Activities for Children

Top 12 Free or Low Cost Winter Activities for Children

Top 12 Free or Low Cost Winter Activities for Children

Depending on the region of the country where your family resides, the winter season can be difficult for children who are stuck inside during the colder months.

It’s a challenge to keep kids occupied, especially if you don’t want to shell out a tonne of cash on ski trips or winter vacations.

We’ve compiled 11 suggestions for free and low-cost activities (both indoor and outdoor) to keep the kids active and having fun until the sunny days of spring and summer come to assist your family getting through the winter months with contented campers.


Volunteering is a beneficial endeavor. Alexander, certified personal finance educator (CFEI) and founder of Mama & Money, a personal finance website for moms, tells Parents that it doesn’t cost anything other than your time and teaches kids about giving back in ways that may be mentally stimulating and enjoyable.

In addition to arranging a winter clothing drive and delivering food at a nearby soup kitchen, Alexander advises people to donate their gently used toys to children in need.

Whatever you decide to do, be aware that you are preparing your children to be responsible global citizens.

Handmade Paper

When it comes to occupying children and keeping them interested, simple arts and activities are always a fantastic choice.

When you use common household things, argues Alexander, these kinds of activities are considerably more fun (and less expensive).

Every age group can participate in paper crafts, from toddlers to teenagers, according to Alexander. These are wonderful diversionary activities that also encourage your kids’ creativity.

Toddlers can develop their fine motor abilities through crafts. Also, you spend precious time with your loved ones creating future wall art and lasting memories.

Playing games

Game night is another indoor option that is suitable for all age groups. These days, there are several entertaining and educational game options made specifically to entice youngsters away from iPads and other technology.

Assembling puzzles is a fantastic option for the game, according to Alexander. “Any age group can find a puzzle, and purchasing one is relatively affordable. They can be put together on baking sheets while you sip hot chocolate.”

Puzzles (and board games in general) are a great way for youngsters to learn problem-solving in addition to providing enjoyable family time.

“They don’t have to stop studying even though they could be on vacation from school. Once they have completed the puzzle, you can frame and hang the pieces as art “Alexis continues.


There are few more affordable activities for families who appreciate taking advantage of the colder weather, including snow, than sledding.

“We frequently enjoy going sledding in our backyard or at no cost at nearby slopes.

Our children adore the sleds we have, which have now been around for a while “located in Buffalo, New York According to Alice Anderson, the creator of the pregnancy and parenting website Mother to Mom.

We each pack a thermos with homemade hot chocolate and other food to have on hand for breaks.

Create snow forts

Building snow forts with friends is another cost-free winter activity that is always in demand, according to Anderson. Don’t pass up the chance for a family snowball fight while you’re at it.

“To make the bricks, we like to utilize plastic storage containers. We then flip them over to release the block after filling them with snow and thoroughly patting it down “Anderson explains.

“You finish the bottom row, and then add another row on top of it until you reach the height you want. If you want to be inventive, you might use squirt bottles loaded with water and food colors to adorn it.”

You may also step up this pastime by creating “snow castles,” in the words of affordable lifestyle expert Andrea Woroch.

Build your snow castle in your garden, advises Woroch, and put away your beach toys. “After a storm, these traditional sand toys are fantastic.

The best thing, though? Unlike those on the beach, which can be destroyed by the advancing tide, the castles genuinely stand the test of time.”

Making food together

Try involving your kids in the kitchen when it’s too cold to play outside, advises Brooke Frederick, the creator of Minimalist Mom.

Making festive cookies, a gingerbread house, or other holiday sweets that may be utilized to occupy children during the holidays is an activity that can be very enjoyable during this time of year.

According to Frederick, “a lot of studies have shown that kids gain a variety of abilities when they participate in meal preparation early on.”

“Have your kids assist with tasks like washing veggies, chopping kale, or peeling carrots when you make a brand-new soup, stew, or chili recipe.

Make some handmade bread or buns if you’re really in the mood, and involve your kids in kneading or rolling the dough.”

Attend regional celebrations and events

Always look for local festivals and events that are free or affordable during the winter. Christmas festivals and other holiday-themed events are prevalent around the nation, and according to Frederick, they frequently offer a range of family-friendly entertainment.

Frederick adds, “I love to keep an eye out for neighborhood festivals and events that provide free sleigh rides.


Your kids can discover your favorite hiking locations in a brand-new way with snowshoeing. In used sporting goods stores, snowshoes are reasonably priced.

By making this activity into a game, you can increase the enjoyment for young participants. For example, you could ask your children to find as many different kinds of animal tracks as they can. Bring some binoculars with you and go bird-watching.

How else could snowshoeing be made more interesting? Try engaging in beach-related activities like paddleball and frisbee.

These bicycles, also referred to as “fatties,” have large tires with tough treads that can handle snowy roads and trails.

And although though they are expensive to own, many bike shops, ski regions, and mountain biking destinations rent them.

Wait for a day with bearable weather before venturing out into a bike path or going off-road to get some fresh air.

Create a snowman

Consider creating your storybook version of a snowman, such as a snow princess or snow warrior, using dress-up things your children already have at home. Go outside the standard snowman box.

As long as there is snow on the ground, Woroch explains, “this is a fun and cost-free pastime your kids will enjoy.”

Drive to see the holiday lights

Ask around to find the location; there’s probably a part of your town famed for spectacular light displays, advises Woroch.

If you want to bring even more holiday happiness to your outing, Woroch suggests driving around your area at night to look at your neighbors’ lights and decorations. “My kids like voting for their favorite exhibits.”

Have your kids bring a favorite toy or blanket to cuddle up with, and pack a thermos of hot chocolate to make the journey even more memorable. You might even establish a new family custom!

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