Top 8 Backyard Swing Sets, According to Safety Experts

Top 8 Backyard Swing Sets, According to Safety Experts

Top 8 Backyard Swing Sets, According to Safety Experts

According to specialists in kid safety, the best swing sets adhere to the criteria of the American Society for Testing and Materials.

Learn how to choose a secure children’s swing set and what to take into account before putting one in your backyard.

Think about installing a swing set if you want to provide your kids with a more thrilling backyard. Swing sets not only keep kids engaged, but they also keep them active and healthy.

You could certainly visit a neighborhood playground, but that would come with a lot more risks related to cleanliness and equipment safety.

Fortunately, there are lots of residential swing set options available to suit your child’s requirements.

Also, you have a choice between basic, two-seat swing sets and luxurious models with clubhouses, slides, ladders, climbing walls, and other entertaining extras.

What to Think About Before Purchasing a Swing Set

Debra Holtzman, J.D., M.A., a child safety specialist and the author of The Safe Baby, advises that you should buy swing sets that are suitable for the age and weight of your child at the time.

Don’t purchase equipment thinking that your youngster will outgrow it, advises Holtzman. “The equipment cannot be used safely if the youngster is too tiny for it. Playing on equipment meant for bigger kids often results in harm to small kids.”

For young kids who can sit up straight on their own, she suggests a complete bucket swing like this one. To find out if your child is ready to utilize a bucket swing, she advises consulting your pediatrician.

According to Holtzman, it’s crucial to make sure that the swing set brand you choose has equipment that satisfies the requirements set by the American Society for Testing and Materials.

She advises that just two swing seats should be suspended in a single segment on swing sets for young children made of soft materials like canvas, rubber, or plastic.

Things to Think About Before Building a Swing Set

Finding the ideal location to build the swing set is the next step after choosing the best swing set for your child’s requirements.

According to Holtzman, you should carefully design your placement to ensure that it is sufficiently removed from danger.

Locate a spot in your yard that is at least 6 feet away from walls and 7 feet away from electrical wires—the cables must not cross the playground, she advises.

“Create a nearly level but drainable surface in this area. At least 12 feet should separate each apparatus from every other structure.”

She stresses the significance of installing your swing set in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions and routinely checking it for wear indicators like potentially dangerous splintering or equipment cracks.

Provide Gentle Landings

Put a soft substance under slides, swings, and other playground equipment that might benefit from a cushioned surface, like this ASTM-approved playground tile from Wayfair.

According to Holtzman, the material for swings should extend at the front and rear up to double the height of the suspending bar.

“A soft enough cushion can be made with 12 inches of loose fill material, such as sand, pea gravel, wood goods, or loose rubber products, but you can also use rubber mats, synthetic turf, and other artificial materials (ASTM tested), which need less upkeep.” Avoid using anything made of asphalt, concrete, dirt, grass, or soil.

Be a proactive manager

The beginning of accident prevention is you, plain and simple. Holtzman advises instructing your kids on how to utilize the swing set before letting them play on it.

Even in your own backyard, there must be safety precautions, and you would prefer that your youngster not discover them the hard way.

“Make sure kids are familiar with how to use the swing set and discuss the risks of breaking the rules. They will probably certainly learn by imitating your behavior.”

It’s also essential to provide your youngster with your undivided attention, which calls for you to be nearby and clear of any outside distractions.

Put Your Kid in Clothing That Is Suitable for the Playground

Consider more than just the weather while outfitting youngsters safely for swing set activity.

On frigid days, substitute neck warmers for scarves and stay away from drawstrings, necklaces, and oversized apparel.

When laces are knotted tightly, closed-toe shoes like sneakers and boots are a solid choice for footwear.

As Holtzman advises, “Be sure there are no points on the play equipment that can catch a child’s clothing.” “Pay close attention to the joints of climbers, S-hooks on swings, and tops of slides.”

In light of this, we compiled a list of outdoor swing sets that meet or exceed ASTM criteria and are suitable for children of various ages and heights.

Are you prepared to purchase? The top swing sets available on Amazon and Wayfair are listed below.

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