Top 50 Strategies for Overcoming Cabin Fever

Top 50 Strategies for Overcoming Cabin Fever

Top 50 Strategies for Overcoming Cabin Fever

Create a jar of entertaining things to do at home with this list of creative activities for kids, and then take one out whenever you’re bored.

You might have cabin fever whether you’re staying in due to terrible weather or it’s that time of year when there doesn’t seem to be somewhere to go or anything to do.

┬áTry making the ultimate boredom buster: a cabin fever activity jar, to keep everyone’s spirits high.

We have compiled 50 fantastic suggestions for indoor activities. Get every member of the family to help you choose one to do anytime you need a burst of motivation by writing each suggestion on a small piece of paper and placing them in a jar.

  1. Salutations! Build string telephones out of tin cans or paper cups.
  2. Create a family crest using symbolic and significant pictures.
  3. Run a Hula-hoop competition.

Build puppets out of socks.

  1. Make mosquito nets.
  2. Use food coloring to tie-dye coffee filters, then hang them in a window to resemble stained glass.
  3. Fill a matchbox to the brim with several little things as you go.

Play archaeologist, please. Place plastic dinosaurs in the sandbox as “fossils,” then dig.

  1. Use finger paint!
  2. Describe the items you would take with you if you had to live on a desert island.
  3. Conjure up and describe an imaginary animal. And, draw it!
  4. Create a drawing using only your name’s letters.
  5. Use a sheet and a tension rod to create a hallway tent.
  6. Use paper fish with paper clips to go fishing inside. Use a string and a rod with a magnet on the end.
  7. Children’s audiobooks should be heard. Classics like Stuart Little and Pippi Longstocking are available on Look through the kids’ area!
  8. Kite-fly.
  9. Have a picnic inside.
  10. Have a long-jump competition.
  11. To make a terrarium, use rocks, moss, and twigs.
  12. Draw a shape and give your child the task of finishing the illustration.
  13. Create your puzzle using postcards or images that you’ve ripped apart.
  14. Spread bubble wrap out, secure it with tape, then jump and have fun.
  15. Compete to see who can erect the tallest block tower.
  16. Try out various strange cuisines while wearing blindfolds.
  17. Lay down and stand up devoid of the use of your arms.
  18. To make huge bubbles, combine 6 cups of water, 2 cups of dish soap, and 1 cup of light corn syrup.
  19. Have a concert and capture it on video. Purchase the Tiny Fox Music Box app on iTunes for $3.
  20. Write a handwritten letter to a distant relative or pen buddy.
  21. Plan a room-sized obstacle course.
  22. Start drawing! Here you may get a tonne of free coloring pages.
  23. See the guidelines for how to play here.
  24. Organize a spontaneous dancing party.
  25. Folding airplanes. Here is an easy how-to!
  26. Change it up: Both parents and children dress differently.
  27. Iron after pressing flowers and foliage between wax paper sheets.
  28. Stuff and embellish a shoebox time capsule.
  29. Engage in hot potato.
  30. Use chalk to trace your shadow on the pavement.
  31. Build leaf angels and jump in a pile of leaves.
  32. Embellish your bicycle with stickers or streamers.
  33. Don’t let the balloon contact the ground as you dance with it.
  34. Play mirror with your spouse and imitate their movements.
  35. Pour Ping-Pong balls into an egg carton.
  36. Create “potions” out of water and food coloring with parental approval!
  37. Play a game of leapfrog.
  38. Map out your area.
  39. Perform the limbo!
  40. Use a hula hoop to act like a lion trainer.
  41. Who can perform the most cartwheels?
  42. Make “habitats” in various areas and set up a stuffed animal zoo.

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