Why do some single mothers believe they can be both father and mother

Why do some single mothers believe they can be both father and mother?

Why do some single mothers believe they can be both father and mother?

Single Mother Beliefs: Embracing the Roles of Father and Mother


The rise of single mothers in contemporary society has sparked discussion about the challenges and dynamics these women face when parenting without a partner. Amid all the misconceptions and social pressures, one particular belief persists: that single mothers can effectively fulfill their roles as father and mother.

This thinking stems from a combination of factors, including a determination to provide the best possible upbringing for the child, and a desire to compensate for the lack of a father figure. While single mothers possess extraordinary strength and resilience, exploring the reasons behind this belief can reveal the complexity of their situation.

Necessity and adaptability

Single mothers often find themselves in a needy situation and have to adjust to not having a partner. This situation leads them to believe that they can adequately fulfill their parental role. The strong bonds formed with children prompt them to take on additional responsibilities usually associated with fathers, such as providing discipline, guidance, and emotional support. Single mothers take on these roles out of sheer need, driven by their love and determination to provide for the well-rounded development of their children.

Social expectations and pressures

Too often, society places unrealistic expectations on single mothers, thinking they should effortlessly fulfill the roles of parents at the same time. These expectations stem from traditional gender roles and stereotypes that assign specific responsibilities to each parent. As a result, single mothers may internalize these expectations and feel the need to demonstrate their ability to fulfill both roles. They may believe that their children’s success depends on their ability to assume both traditionally male and female roles.

Emotional emptiness and longing for wholeness

The emotional void left by no father figure can lead single mothers to believe they can fully fill that void. They long to provide their child with a sense of wholeness and believe that taking on the roles of both parents is the best way to achieve this. By becoming both mother and father, single mothers hope to ensure the emotional health and safety of their children, compensating for the lack of fatherly influence.

Empowerment and Personal Growth

For some single mothers, the belief that they can also be a parent stems from a sense of empowerment and personal growth. Through their experiences as single parents, they discover strengths and abilities they didn’t know they had. Taking on both roles allows them to gain a deeper understanding of their child’s needs, developing a strong and unique bond. Embracing motherhood and fatherhood can be a powerful affirmation of their resilience, resourcefulness, and ability to thrive in the face of adversity.


While some single mothers believe they can be both father and mother, it is crucial to recognize the complexities of their situation. Their beliefs are born of necessity, social pressure, a desire to make up for absent fathers, and personal growth.

It is important to acknowledge and appreciate the incredible strength and determination of single mothers, while providing support systems and resources to help them successfully navigate challenging roles. Ultimately, the well-being and happiness of the children should remain the primary concern, whether or not single mothers believe they are capable of simultaneously being parents.

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