Top 10 Delicious Ways to Honor Grandparents Day

Top 10 Delicious Ways to Honor Grandparents Day

Top 10 Delicious Ways to Honor Grandparents Day

Grandparents Day occurs in the United States on the first Sunday in September following Labor Day. Grandparents Day is a chance to show your children’s grandparents (or other important persons in their lives) how much you love and appreciate them.

Continue reading for ten imaginative ways to honor unique people on Grandparents Day, including grandparents.

Make a list of reasons why you love someone.

Does your child giggle every time Papa sings one of his crazy original songs? Do they love their nicknames from Nana? Ask them to list it along with all the other qualities they adore about their grandparents. Then, on a special day, read it aloud to their grandparents. They can follow along if you email it to them or print it out.

Prepare Their Favorite Dessert Using These the Most Popular Grandparent Nicknames in Each State

Seeking a certain method to make Grandparents Day more enjoyable? Assist your youngster in making their favorite delicacy, and add extra flair with sprinkles, raisins, or nuts. Advice: Choose a recipe that will travel well if you’re bringing the treats to their house or shipping them to another city.

Go to bed together

More time spent with their grandkids is often at the top of grandparents’ wish lists, and what better way to do so than with a sleepover? Choose a day that is convenient for both the children and their grandparents, and keep it free of commitments so that your kids won’t have to travel to and from playdates or parties to visit their grandparents. Have your child organize a lunch or supper date if overnight stays are not feasible.

Make a Kiss Flip Album While Seeing These Grandparents Embrace Their Grandchildren.

Although nothing can fully substitute a kiss on the cheek, this cute kiss flip book gets pretty darn close. (Bonus: It can be completed in one afternoon!)

This is how to do it:

Place your child in front of a light-colored, white, or blank wall, and take a photo of them blowing a kiss.

Print the photo five or so times. (Hint: If you want the book to fit in your pocket, choose prints that are smaller in sizeā€”like 2×3)

Have your child draw a single, tiny heart using a red permanent marker on the image.

Each additional picture should have a heart (i.e. two hearts on the second print, three hearts on the third, and so on).

Punch holes in the photographs on one side, then bind them with string or pipe cleaners.

Walking down memory lane

Encourage your youngster to question their grandparents about their stories; everyone has an interesting tale to share. While it can be difficult to respond to a question like “Tell me about your life,” help your youngster prepare a few targeted inquiries beforehand. Here are a few samples to get you going:

“When you were a child, what did you enjoy doing after school?”

What did you like doing the most during the summer?

How did you two first connect?

For future reference, don’t forget to record the dialogue!

The Grandparent-Kid Relationship Has Gotten Me Rethinking My Dad’s Diagnose

Publish a scrapbook

Make a keepsake scrapbook out of all of your child’s favorite pictures, letters, and other memories from their time spent with their grandparents. Consider giving it to them as a holiday present if you’re short on time this year.

Discover their hobby

Your child can learn a lot from their grandparents, whether it be how to bait a hook, throw a perfect strike, or perform an organ tune. Spend a day with them engaging in some of their favorite pastimes. Together with creating memories, your child might find a new hobby!

Personalized T-shirts

By taking a picture of it and printing it on a t-shirt for their grandparent, you can take the sidewalk chalk artwork they did of them to the next level.

The shirt is easy to make and can be created on a smartphone. You should check out websites like and, but bear in mind that printing frequently requires several days.

Create a photo album.

Go no further than a straightforward photo album if you’re looking for a thoughtful present that can be produced in under 30 minutes. Print a tonne of your children’s most beloved recent photographs, whether they are of them alone or with their grandparents and other family members.

If at all possible, provide a date stamp on the back. Your youngster should write a note on the inner cover of the album once you slip the photos inside.

You may also create a photo book using digital images, have it printed, and then have it shipped to you. Websites like Shutterfly and Google Photos offer these kinds of books.

Play One of Your Favorite Songs for Them

Is Billy Joel the only artist on your parents’ playlist? Does your child’s special someone drive around with the “Jersey Boys” music playing continuously? Have your kid learn one of their favorite songs and sing it to their grandparents. (Be sure to capture the performance on tape so they can enjoy it long after the big day!)

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